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Do I Need To Upgrade My Boiler
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Do I Need To Upgrade My Boiler

Do I Need To Upgrade My Boiler ?

Is your central heating boiler in your home more than ten years old? If so, consider replacing it with a new, high-efficiency model.

New home heating boilers are more efficient than old ones. They use less gas or oil to heat water, saving energy and money. It is recommended to replace boilers that are over ten years old with a new one. The money saved from the increased efficiency of the new boiler will eventually cover the cost of the new boiler.

According to regulations, when replacing an old boiler, the new one must have an A rating for power efficiency and be at least 88% reliable. This typically means that the new boiler will be one of the newer condensing models, with most scoring over 90% efficiency.

The Tech Part

Central heating boilers that condense are more efficient because they utilize a second heat exchanger to draw heat from the exhaust gases and condense the water vapor into liquid, which is then discharged through a dedicated pipe. In contrast, non-condensing boilers waste heat by releasing gases into the air.

You will notice that a condensing boiler produces a visible vapor plume, which is a mixture of water vapor and other gases, from its flue. This indicates that the emissions’ temperature is lower than non-condensing central heating boilers.

Combi Central Heating Boilers

There are two types of condensing boilers: combination and standard. A combination boiler provides both central heating and hot water on demand, while a standard boiler only provides central heating and heats up a stored amount of hot water when needed.

If your central heating boiler only provides heating and not hot water, you will need an additional water heating system, such as an electric immersion tank.

Upgrading from an old, less efficient G-rated boiler to a new, efficient A-rated condensing boiler with heating controls (like timer/programmer, area thermostat, and thermostatic radiator valves) in a semi-detached building that uses mains gas for heating can reduce annual home heating bills by approximately ₤500. More significant properties and those with oil-based heating systems (which are more expensive than gas) can see even more significant cost savings.

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