Water Treatment

Water Softener & Water Treatment Services

Ashford, Kent and the local surrounding areas are situated where water supply is high in saturated calcium hardness, the effects of which are noted in chalky water deposits in kettles, tap & shower outlets, shower screens and bath & basin surfaces.

LEWKEN has a great many ways to reduce/limit/inhibit scale formation on water appliances and sanitary products.

The primary appliance that is utilised is a WATER SOFTENER for the ultimate control of scale formation.

But there are now numerous methods for limiting, or inhibiting, scale formation, from:

  • Magnetic devices
  • Filtration devices
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Chemical inhibitors
  • Electrolytic inhibitors.

The costs of these devices varies considerably and so does their effectiveness.

So if your looking to improve the water quality of your home, we can advise you on the type of system that may give you some control of limiting (inhibiting) the amount of scale formation, depending on your available budget.

LEWKEN has no affiliation to any manufacturer and are therefore best suited to offer numerous types of scale limiting systems.

In addition to scale control methods we are very experienced in other water treatment processes which include the following:

  • Clean & disinfection of water tanks, cisterns, hot water cylinders.
  • Compliance Risk Assessment checks, and report, of domestic water systems to ensure they meet L8 building regulations (Control of Legionellosis)
  • Disinfection of hot & cold water systems, for bacteria & Legionella control
  • Sampling and testing of water systems, using quality assured laboratories, to ensure bacteria and Legionella levels in water systems comply with current guidelines
  • Descaling of appliances and equipment
  • Sampling and testing of heating system corrosion inhibitor levels to ensure they are correct and levels maintained.
  • Sampling and testing of water softeners to ensure water hardness quality meets manufacturer’s levels.

We are able to provide the following supplies for our customers:

  • Bags of granular softener salt
  • Blocks of softener salt
  • Water softener testing kits
  • scale inhibitor chemicals